For youngs and the most rash people

Christian on his rope © Photo Pierrot Dutarte.
Christian on his rope :
Cliff exercise above the "château des anglais" Autoire - Lot - France.


the begining of the story :

You decide to visit this cave that frightens the village's grand mothers. Take an old torch, a 20 meters long rope and go !

What can happen ?

The rescues teams should come very quickly.

Getting better cards in your game !


We need your energy to realise and organise the most daring explorations.

Expédition Padirac © Photo Pierrot Dutarte.
Start of a 5 days expedition in the gulf of Padirac - Lot - France.

Please contact a caving group or your national federation.

French Speleo Federation Logo FFS.


With them you will :


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